Descendant #3

2015-04-12T15:35:04-04:00April 12th, 2015|Descendant|

In the explosive miniseries finale, Rayne Santiago’s world is turned upside down as allies become enemies and Doctor Bane’s plan to exploit the Santiago DNA is primed for success. Can Rayne rise to her chosen destiny or will evil emerge victorious from the ashes of her defeat? Descendant #3 Written by Michael Dolce & [...]

Descendant #2

2015-04-12T15:24:45-04:00April 12th, 2015|Descendant|

After liberating her people from Dr. Alexis Bane’s biomechanical mutants, Rayne Santiago is forced to embrace the pyrokinetic powers she’s spurned her entire life if she hopes to rescue her two brothers from horrific experimentation at Bane’s hands. But Rayne’s worst fears are realized when she storms Bane’s jungle compound and is forced to [...]


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