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Alternate realities should not exist.
There should be only one reality: Ours, the Mainstream.

NATE McALLISTER has grappled with an innate and strange ability his entire life to SEE people and things around him that do not belong.

While this ability has complicated his life, it has also helped him rise to the rank of accomplished detective for the Chicago PD. Alongside his partner and best friend DEXTER COMBS, the duo has solved some of the most baffling and strange cases in force history.

None of what they’ve experienced to date however can prepare them for their latest case: a grisly homicide where the prime suspect somehow matches the identity of the murder victim, renowned physicist Dr. Franklin Hodge, right down to the fingerprints.

It sends them down a rabbit hole that eventually intersects with another group looking for the suspect – a covert, inter-dimensional police force known as The Keepers.

Founded almost thirty years ago from the ashes of a temporal accident, the Keepers sole mission is to protect our world, the Mainstream, from Alternates who have crossed over, threatening to unravel our already fragile timeline.

Together they must work together to bring the killer, an alternate of Hodge himself, to justice.

The Mainstream #1

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