Donald Wright is The Sire, a superhero forced by his own costume to fight evil. When the world is thrust into chaos by an alien energy force transforming normal people into crazed superhumans, he has no choice but to save the day. Which makes having things like a social life or a day-job practically impossible.

Donald Wright is The Sire … and he really, really doesn’t want to be.

The series debuted in 2006 to massive critical acclaim and was brought back in 2013 by popular demand. New issues are released quarterly on Kickstarter.

“The story is solid as Dolce makes the characters three-dimensional. this (is a) well done indy tale of a reluctant super-hero.”
– Comic Buyers Guide

“If heroics take a backseat to manipulation, then convention takes a backseat to innovation in The Sire”
– Wizard Magazine