Michael Dolce has been a professional writer, artist, podcaster and awesome dude in the industry for over 20 years. He co-created Descendant at Image Comics, The Mainstream at Zenescope, and continues his creator-owned flagship superhero book The Sire and the indy hit Plan 59 From Outer Space at Dren Productions. His latest projects, The Time Trader and Romans Rise are coming in 2024 from Rogue Matter. He has also written for various companies like Wizard Magazine and AMNY.

When he’s not creating comics, he’s hosting the hit Pop Culture podcast The Rogue Wav Podcast for Rogue Matter, available on all major podcasting apps and streaming networks.

In 2019, Dolce announced the creation of Sire Studios, a multi-genre IP Production Company. In 2020, he announced a partnership with Rogue Matter as the head of their podcast network and collaborating on new IPs. In 2021 he was named Chief Creative Officer of Rogue Matter.

Browse his portfolio of graphic novels below:

Roman’s Rise

(Rogue Matter)

Time Trader

(Rogue Matter)

The Sire

(Dren Productions)

The Mainstream



(Image Comics)

Grimms Fairy Tales