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The Descendant Volume 1 Trade Is LIVE! And it’s being talked about across the web. Click the images below to check out interviews with creator Michael Dolce.

Believed to be the embodiment of an ancient Incan prophecy, United States counter-terrorism soldier Rayne Santiago is forced to return to her South American homeland of Martagal when she receives word that her brothers have been abducted.

Exiled from her country years ago for abusing her own innate pyrokinetic abilities, Rayne must win back the trust of her people and overcome her fear of the powers that lay dormant inside her in order to rescue her brothers from the regime’s sinister commander, Dr. Alexis Bane.

What’s a Kickstarter?
Basically, Kickstarter is a website used by creators all over the world to generate the funds/sales necessary to offer their most dedicated friends/readers/fans advance — and oftentimes deluxe — copies of their work.

It’s no different than pre-ordering something on AMAZON or any web site. In short, Kickstarter has become it’s own center for distribution, so creators like us can go directly to the consumer without any middleman.

How Do I Participate?
Just stay tuned – tomorrow at 9am ET I’ll be shooting out another email like this announcing the release of the Kickstarter. And yes, normally I just email you guys once a month, but in special cases like this, I need to get the word out. I promise not to go overboard –– this is a 10 day Kickstarter after all –– but if you feel the need to unsubscribe, I totally understand. However, I hope you’ll stay with us to see this thing through to the end. We’ve got some amazing STRETCH GOALS we’d like to achieve.

Best of all, the proceeds from the Kickstarter, after the cost of printing, shipping and the products for other rewards will go to artist Mariano Navarro who worked above and beyond to create something truly wonderful.

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