Introducing PLAN 79 FROM OUTER SPACE: The sequel to the sequel to the best worst movie all time: Plan 9 From Outer Space. 

Plan 79 From Outer Space marks the latest chapter in the beloved ‘Plan-a-verse’ franchise, paying homage to the iconic legacy of Ed Wood’s original masterpiece. And it’s now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Following the events of Plan 59, Captain Jack Trent leads a cadre of Earth-based explorers into the cosmos to search for a new planet to call home. Little do they know they’re being followed by The Invaders, whose plans to destroy humanity have only intensified over time. When a seemingly random meteor shower leaves the crew stranded in space, Captain Trent will discover the Invaders aren’t the only aliens out for human blood.

Here’s an expanded look for

Written by Dennis Knight
Art By Javier Ortiz
Colors by Anton Polkhovskyi
Based on a story by James Mascia & Michael Dolce
Covers by superstar artist Talent Caldwell, GregBo, and Javier Ortiz

Prepare to be transported to worlds beyond imagination in “Plan 79 From Outer Space.”