Well folks, it’s time. I’m happy to announce that next week, I’ll be releasing my first ever Kickstarter campaign for a new project called, “The Undone.” But before I do, a few quick tips I’ve picked up during this whole process:

1) Have your Amazon Info Ready

One thing nobody mentioned was that you have to have your Amazon Payments account verified before you go to launch. Kickstarter themselves will send you a note to get it ready while you set up your campaign, but I didn’t realize that you can’t even preview your Kickstarter without verifying your email, ID, bank account and tax info. I may have already launched if I’d done this week’s in advance.

2) Your Personal Info Is Out There

During the verification process Kickstarter asked me for some personal info so I could verify my identity. They then shot me back a list of questions about my personal info that only I would be able to answer. Things like, “How old is your mother?” and “What car did you once drive” asked in multiple choice was actually bit disconcerting to say the least. No matter how secret you think you life is, it’s not. Scary stuff

3) Get Your Rewards Done In Advance

Because otherwise they can be a pain to enter. You can’t switch the order of any rewards, only edit each reward individually. So if you forgot reward between numbers 4 and 5 and you have 22 total, get ready for a painful editing process. NOTE: This is my first Kickstarter, so maybe I’m wrong. Anyone know how to edit the reqards easier please let me know!

Ok folks, please follow me on Kickstarter if you haven’t already done so! As soon as I’m verified I’ll be able to announce the release of “The Undone” and tell you all about it. Trust me…it’s gonna be really really cool!

Michael Dolce is the creator of The Undone – coming soon to Kickstarter! Click here to follow him.