I’ll see YOU at Comic-Con…next year.

Yep, that’s right. Another San Diego Comic-Con is upon us and for the second year in a row, I’ll be missing out. Bummer. But San Diego Comic-Con is so friggin huge – Really. Friggin. Huge – that to be honest, the only way if anyone would know if you were there is to thru social media.

1) Hashtag the s*** out of your tweets.
Twitter will be the driving force at the show and the hastag #SDCC is the number one means of keeping track

“Re-read all my copies of Guardians of the Galaxy from the 70s #SDCC”

“Cleaned up some dog poop #SDCC”

“Painted my living room. Threw my back out climbing a ladder #SDCC”

2) Copy other people’s tweets and pretend you wrote ’em.

Did they just show awesome footage from the new Star Wars film? Did Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus get hounded by fans? Join the wave of tweeters out there and

3) Cry