So picking up where I left off last week, the bottom line for making it in comics is by DOING COMICS. Drawing, writing, coloring, lettering, sketching…you name it. If you aren’t actively doing stuff you aren’t gonna go past your mom’s basement. With that being said, the best way to acheive this is by setting some modest goals for yourself to acheive. Now, mind you these will be amended as I’m working on a paid coloring assignment for  as we speak, but for the purpose of this blog, here are mine:

1) Color 3 Pages Per Week: Again, doing a paid gig right now, so this is pretty essential for making the deadline of mid next month. Not always easy to accomplish with the day job and all (see my previous post for more on that) but hopefully I’ll knock it out as planned. Following the gig, this is getting reduced to one page per week.

2) Blog Once A Week: Um, check. Some will be articles like this (which really are just secretly my way of holding myself accountable mwahahaha). Others will be pages I’m working on, like Sire #9 for example. But once a week you’ll be getting a Secrets of the Sire, a Pipeline or a Convention Sketch Blog (depending on if I’m at a show).

3) Post 2 Web Comics A Week: Is it web comics? Or webcomics? Ah never mind, point is, I’ll be posting 2 per week. Which actually won’t be difficult since I’ve got tons of back material pre-formatted and scheduled to release on the post date. And with 9 issues of material to publish while working on current material I can build a real big head start that will keep this site chock full of content-y goodness for months and months.


4) Write 5 Pages Per Week: Not sure if this includes lettering since I’m currently lettering a book for and working with  and on a new project soon to be announced. So for now, I will. But after Cruzader is wrapped up, I will separate letters and actual writing. Believe me, I’ve got a dozen different projects swirling in my brain (see photo above) that I can’t wait to put to paper. Gonna be a busy year.

5) Be Social: Once a week set my darn Hootsuite to post out all the goodness. And also, stay on top of Twitter. And Facebook. And ESPECIALLY Deviant Art. Feel like that’s a big one.

Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? What are your goals? Seriously, let’s get the convo going. Then click on my ads so i make money :)