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As I sit here on a gorgeous East Coast morning, about to partake in some healthy comic book binge reading, I found myself thinking, is this a healthy addiction? Before anyone sounds the alarm at me for being so dramatic, fear not, I think the answer is 100% YES! So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a look at some awesome binge reads, starting with Peter David’s All-New X-Factor.

Binge Review: All-New X-Factor Issues #1-3

Let’s dive in shall we? First, the skinny: X-Factor is now a corporate super team led by Polaris. In issue #1 she recruits none other than one of my favorite ex-X-Men Gambit into the fold. Quicksilver (conveniently) appears and also wants in. Hurray! All three head out on their first mission for the Serval company (a corporaton that wants to help people? Obviously we’re suspicious but what they hey) to save the mutant Fatale.

Did I love Peter David’s X-Factor starring Madrox and company – hell yeah! While it erred more towards an episode of Buffy more than X-Men, it had its fun moments, great characters and great dialogue. You get that here as well, especially the early exchanges between Wolverine and Gambit. The parts I have a lot of issues with though is how rushed and convenient everything seemed to come together. That and Gambit’s voice not sounding at all like the character. First off (and i don’t know how other writers have handled him lately but still) he’s supposed to have a SOUTHERN DRAWL. Instead he kind of sounds like…well, Madrox. Which is great and all, but he’s Gambit.

The art goes in and out as well. The covers are gorgeous but the interiors toggle between slick and amatuerish. If it didn’t say X on the cover I might think I was reading an indie where some of the art would be more acceptable than it is for a mainstream book. Let’s sum it all up shall we?

Binge Worthy? Maybe
Binge Rating? From fun size to all-you can eat buffet, I put it right there in the middle so far. I’ll stick with it because David has a track record, but so far a bit underwhelming.

Next time we Binge Review we’ll take a look at one of the best books on the shelves today: Superior Spider-Man!

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