Time Trader Coming To Kickstarter From Rogue Matter October 1st

The Undone is BACK! Six years after we successfully Kickstarted issue 1, Sire Studios is proud to announce the series has been picked up by Rogue Matter – a brand new digital content start-up based in Los Angeles.

Renamed and rebranded The TIME TRADER, issues 1 & 2 launch on the Rogue Matter Kickstarter page Thursday October 1st. You can follow the project here:

What if you could rewind time? How would you cash in? Dylan Sharpe tries the NY Stock Exchange only to find it’s run by an Illuminanti of Time Traders Just. Like. Him.

And they’re none too happy that he’s trying to muscle in on their territory… featuring covers by series artist Sousherpa, Bryan Pederson and Admira!