The Sire Returns THIS WEEK To Kickstarter


Sire Studios is proud that The SIRE Volume 3 has officially been funded through Kickstarter!
“I am so proud of how we were not only able to exceed the goal amount we originally set for this project,” creator Michael Dolce announced, “but we were able to nearly double the amount of backers from Volume 2.”
He added, “It’s extremely gratifying to know there is a growing audience of previous and new fans returning to this character.”

The Sire isn’t the only successful comic coming in 2021 either. Be on the lookout for the Kickstarter for Time Trader #3 – a creator-owned project publishing through Rogue Matter – coming end of March.

The Sire Vol 3 Synopsis:

Featuring amazing covers by Jim Calafiore (Aquaman), Mog Park (Plan 59) & Tony Donley (Albert Einstein: Time Mason), The Sire returns with a new costume, new powers … and BIGGER PROBLEMS! Back from his off-world adventure in Volume 2 with new, cosmic-like powers, The Sire comes face-to-face with enemies from his past, who’ve leveled up in his absence to take him down. Meanwhile, his allies, J.J. and Shatter embark on their own mission to save him! 

Who Is The Sire?

The Sire is a superhero forced by his own costume to fight evil. It’s like having a spider-sense, but instead of warning him of danger it puts him in danger. It makes things like having a social life, a girlfriend, a job – you know, the basics – next to impossible. Donald Wright is The Sire and he really, really doesn’t want to be.

You’ll Like This If You Like?

90’s style superhero comics set in real world situations. I mean, if you had super powers would you really patrol rooftops and fight crime? Probably not… but that’s why our hero doesn’t have a choice. But maybe, just maybe, he’ll become the hero his costume is forcing him to be.
The Sire Volume 3:
Written & Drawn: Michael Dolce
Cover (A): Jim Calafiore
Cover (B): Mog Park
Cover (C): Tony Donley