The Sire: Revelations TPB in Previews

The Sire: Revelations – now AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER The Sire: Revelations collects chapters 4-6 of the Sire saga (and original mini-series of the same name) at an unbelievable price of just $9.99!

Tell your local comic book store to head to PAGE 334 of Diamond Previews or simply give them the order code: (JUL231554) to place your order TODAY! If you have an account with Diamond you can click the link below as well! Final order cutoffs are coming next week! Hurry!

Not all costumes are a perfect fit… Donald Wright was just a lowly office worker before being transformed into the Sire, a superhuman forced to fight evil by his own costume! Now, following the events of The Sire: Origins, he’s come to accept the power his costume wields, but will he accept its mission? And what role does a former Astronaut and U.S. Government official play in discovering its origin?

The Sire: Revelations collects a remastered version of the second mini-series for the first time at a discounted price.