Rogue Matter Debuts at LA ComicCon

You’ve heard me talk a bunch about Rogue Matter, an up-and-coming publisher based in Los Angeles. Well, at LA ComicCon earlier this month Rogue Matter took to the stage to announce themselves to the world. And as Chief Creative Officer for the company, i was front and center at the event!

CEO Roger Mincheff (center) lead the announcement of our 2024 slate alongside (from left to right) myself, E-I-C Trent Olsen, artist Tony Donley, Art Directors Sam and Dalia, best-selling Watchers author Deirdra Eden, writer/podcaster Will Meldman and actor Brock O’Hurn.

Among the releases scheduled for 2024 is a little ditty I produced called Roman’s Rise.

Yes folks, it’s true! The brain trust at Rogue Matter has decided to give you the first issue of the series for FREE! Just go to their web site, add to your cart, checkout and enjoy!

Mercenary. Adventurer. Podcaster. ROMAN RHODES is on a mystical global quest into the darkest parts of Chinese mythology to find his missing sister. Roman’s Rise is an homage to Big Trouble in Little China, written by me and Team Rogue, with art by superstar Jason Badower!

Click Here to Download