Sire creator Michael Dolce will be appearing at the Dren Productions booth # 1226, where from March 8th to 10th, he’ll be immersing himself in the wonders of Planet Comic Con.

Known for its spirited community and diverse attractions, this con is a beacon for aficionados of all things pop culture. I’m thrilled to bring our latest projects to the forefront, offering sneak peeks, exclusive merchandise, and interactive opportunities that I hope will delight and inspire.

This is your invitation to dive into the heart of my creations and meet up with the minds and hands behind the magic in a setting that celebrates the sheer joy of imagination. Whether you’ve been following my journey from the start or you’re just discovering the worlds I created, Planet Comic Con is the perfect spot to explore, engage, and enjoy everything Dren Productions has to offer.

I’ll also be hosting a panel titled The Top Ten DON’Ts To Running a Successful Kickstarter” Friday at 5:30 pm Panel Room 2505 APlease stop in and check it out if you want to know all the mistakes learned along the way to actually finding success on Kickstarter.