‘Femme Fatale & Tales of the Bizarre’ Anthologies FUNDED on Kickstarter

New York, May 26th, 2022 – Having just wrapped Time Trader on Kickstarter, Sire Studios is happy to announce the successful funding for the latest offering from DREN PRODUCTIONS: The ‘Femme Fatale’ & ‘Tales of the Bizarre’ Kickstarter. Creator Michael Dolce is featured within, having penned an 8-page short story (and also colored and lettered).

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Femme Fatale – a book about dangerous women. We have a good number of thrilling stories involving women using their powers of intelligence, strength, cunning and seduction, to get whatever it is they desire… and it usually ends up badly for the people who are in their way!

Tales of the Bizarre – a book featuring the best and strangest sci-fi and horror tales we could create. Think about those old B-movies from the classic movie theaters (or stuff you might find playing on the Syfy channel today). The stories that you are going to find in this anthology are both thought provoking and obscure… just how we like them!