The Sire: Lost in Time #1 In Stores November 29th

The first ALL-NEW SIRE adventure in stores in almost 15 years with SIRE: Lost in Time #1.

Of course, if you’ve been following the character on Kickstarter this issue isn’t TOTALLY new for you, but there’s a lot of folks who never knew the series had continued there, so it’s a great jumping on point. BONUS: Dan Leister RETURNS to the book with this issue. And he redraw a multitude of pages that was previously helmed by other artists (including myself) originally.

So spread the word – the order code is (SEP231632).

Fast forwarding a few weeks after last issue, the Sire is back, tracking down other evolved humans transformed by a mysterious alien energy.  But when a new threat emerges, it places his personal life at odds with his super powered alter ego and sets in motion a time-hopping adventure!

Featuring a stunning cover by renowned artist Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son).