One of the hottest mini-series on the market today made its first ever debut at Wizard World Texas this weekend with smashing success! Unleashing the SIRE #2 ‘Black’ Variant as well as copies of #1, #2 and what was left of the Issue #1 Variant Edition (featuring cover art by Talent Caldwell) the SIRE crew of Michael Dolce and Daniel Leister took Artist Alley by storm. As an added bonus both cover artists on all three issues – Talent Caldwell and Tyler Kirkham – were also in attendence making for an extremely cool event. ‘To have everyone involved on the book at the show was just a really cool experience. I want to thank Dan, Talent and Tyler for all the support and help they’ve given to get this ‘little-indy-that-could’ up and running,” said Dolce. And make no mistake there is more SIRE in the works for this year and beyond. SIRE #3 ( hits stands the end of December 28th featuring an awesome Tyler Kirkham cover. Following that some major SIRE announcements will be coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned.