Another exhilarating New York Comic Con comes to an end! How’d you make out as an exhibitor? An artist? Cosplayer?  Or attendee? Email us and let us know at

For Mikebooks and Secrets of the Sire we had a tremendous show as usual.

Unlike the past years, where PRINTS seemed to be the big item for sale, it was COMIC BOOKS this time around that seemed to move the needle for us. Which from a creative standpoint is exciting! It’s why we do these shows in the first place, to showcase our work to a wide audience.

From a monetary standpoint however, it doesn’t tend to bring us the most profit at the show. Of course, it can equal more fans over time.

It will be interesting to see if this is a trend across more shows in 2019. Speaking of which – that’s a wrap for 2018 conventions! See you all next year!

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