First Look: Epicenter

To help kick off Sire Studios in 2020 we’re happy to show off the first new project of 2020: Epicenter: Can true love survive an alien apocalypse?

A high school senior who discovers her boyfriend is not what he appears. It’s ‘Blade Runner’ meets ‘Cabin in the Woods’. Written and created by Michael Dolce, Epicenter features colors/art by Secrets of the Sire co-host Hassan Godwin and Babis Kourtis (Zenescope)

Coming to Kickstarter late 2020.

Until then, please enjoy an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the cover by Admira Wijaya. To read the first five pages CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW to BECOME A PATRON via our Patreon page. We’ll be posting more first looks monthly on that page. Stay tuned!