Time Trader #4

IN THIS ISSUE: After facing off against The Phalanx last issue Dylan Sharp wakes up in a world where his wildest dreams have come true and he’s finally able to cash in on his powers to rewind time. But when all is not as it seems, Dylan will need the help from the one person he never expected to meet.

ABOUT TIME TRADER: What if you could get a do-over in life whenever you wanted? For Dylan Sharpe, that question isn’t fantasy – it’s reality! Dylan has the power to rewind time on command and he’s dead set on using it to achieve fame and fortune. But Dylan has a problem: every get-rich-quick scheme he tries backfires horribly. Play the lottery? The numbers always change. Bet on sports? The outcome changes too. Dylan’s debts quickly pile up so he moves his operation to the New York Stock Exchange in a last-ditch effort to cash in – only to find not everything is as it appears to be.



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